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Ann Mullen

Ann Mullen

President at Mullen Insurance Agency, Inc. - Garland, Texas

Why would a Garage Insurance Policy be Non-Renewed?

There are multiple reasons why a garage insurance policy may be non-renewed by the carrier, some of which you, as an insured, have no control over.  Indeed, we are seeing a lot of those lately including:
  • Agent no longer associated with carrier
  • Carrier’s program withdrawn from Texas
Garage insurance markets fluctuate with carriers coming and going, but the last couple of years have seemed particularly bumpy.  Some of the most well-known carriers have pulled their auto dealer garage programs from Texas, companies such as Southern Pioneer, Zurich, Catlin, Indian Harbor, Acceptance, to just mention a few.  
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What's Next On The Horizon?

The next one on the horizon and the one of which I am most aware is National Specialty’s garage insurance program.  This program has been exclusive to Mullen Insurance Agency for the last six years and has served our agency and our clients very well, but come November 17, 2021, we will no longer renew those contracts or write new ones; between now and then, it is business as usual and, of course, we will manage all National Specialty policies written until their expiration.  Every one of our National Specialty policyholders will receive a 60-day non-renewal notice, as well as our renewal offer from another carrier when their policy expires.

Open Road Horizon

you Are Safe with Mullen Insurance Agency

Our clients can rest assured, knowing our priority is providing a quality product with a competitive premium as we have done for the last thirty-three years.  That goal remains and the chosen replacement products meet our standards and our clients’ needs.

We appreciate your patronage and the opportunity to work with and for the Texas Independent Auto Dealers industry.   

Do not hesitate to contact me.  I’m eager to receive your feedback, questions and comments.  If you have specific subjects or insurance concerns you would like to discuss, please let me know.  amullen@mulleninsurance.com or www.mulleninsurance.com

If you’d like additional information on insurance for your business or you’d like to request a quote, please visit https://mulleinsurance.com/#Insurance-quote or give us a call at 972-681-6297.

Ann Mullen-Martin

Mullen Insurance Agency

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